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Full Service Dog Grooming
For all Sizes and Breeds!
  • Haircut 
  • Bath
  • De-Shed Treatment (get tired of hair all over the place? Well be sure to ask us about this amazing treatment and keep the hair away!)
  • Blueberry Facial (do we have bad tear stains? If so, let us use our blueberry facial to help lighten up those nasty stains)
  • Teeth Brushing (helps keep tarter build up away)
  • Nails (don't need a bath or haircut? well no need to worry, we just do the nails! Only at shop, we don't make special trips for just nails on the mobile as it costs to much in fuel)
  • Bows, Bandanas, or Ties will be on pet when done
What we DO and what we DON'T:
We DO a lot of hand scissoring
We DON'T just shave down dogs
We DO hand dry all dogs
We DON'T cage dry any dog
We DO take your pets emotions into 
We DON'T stress them out
We DO kennel all dogs for safety and health reasons at the shop
We DON'T let dogs run around together for safety and health reasons at the shop
We DO use soapless shampoos and conditioners
We DON'T use chemicals on any pet

We DO our best to get them done from start to finish in an hour to 2 hours depending on breed
We DON'T let them sit here for 3-6 hours unless owner needs them too
We DO love our job and the pets
We DONT just groom for the money
We DO pay close attention to your pets skin for any signs of issues and will bring it to your attention
We DON'T just put any health issues to the side and move on to the next dog
We DO try to groom the pets that have had a really bad experience in the past
We DONT rush them or make them do anything they don't feel comfortable doing, we take our time

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